火曜日, 4月 05, 2005


    It was another exciting weekend. Malifact came to my house Saturday, where we played Resident Evil II and made udon. I enjoyed the game, a classic I'd never tried. We rented Saw and Tansu, but ran out of time to watch them. I'll have to try to watch them later this week.
    On Sunday I went to Osaka with Takashi, namely the Dotonbori area, which is very cool:

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    We went to see live manzai at Yoshimoto. No photography is allowed inside, but outside you can buy likenesses of popular comedians baked into tiny spongecakes:

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    The parts I could understand were quite funny, the parts I couldn't, tedious. One highlight was a "shiritori" segment where one guy was able to end any shiritori word with "su", even words shouted out from the audience. Another funny thing was a pair of robbers in the skit at the beginning (not really manzai) who try to rob a house, but when the old man comes home, are very successful in pretending that one of them is his grandson. Of the manzai performers, "Football Hour" was the most famous duo, and they performed first, allowing people who just came to see them to leave early, which they did.

    Osaka has some quirky place names, like this one:

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    This train station's name means "A Thousand Days Ago".

    Oh yeah, and the streets were paved with takoyaki.

    There's no place like Osaka.


  • At 9:20 午前, Blogger Matt said…

    Ewww.. PAVED with it?

    It's interesting that they put the most famous act first -- most live entertainment I know of puts them last, specifically to make everyone sit through the less famous acts (and allow them to arrive later).

  • At 7:04 午後, Blogger butterflyblue said…

    Yes, I thought that was strange too. It was hard not to doze off during some of the later acts...

    I sincerely apologize for my bad takoyaki joke. Actually I was going to say something like "this neighborhood must have the highest takoyaki-to-person ratio in the world," but something about that sounded strange, and I wasn't sure if it should be person-to-takoyaki ratio or takoyaki-to-person ratio, so I decided to go with a grammatically simpler, though equally inappropriate, expression. Anyway, everywhere I looked people were gobbling down the takoyaki like it was going out of style. Oh no, another bad cliche. So sorry. And I was going to say about the station name that "a thousand days ago they were probably eating takoyaki here," but then I thought that was just stupid. I hope you can see my dilemma.

    Have you ever been to Osaka? If so where did you go?

    My friend said that they often show the Glico billboard (also there in the Dotonburi neighborhood) in TV dramas to show that characters have arrived in Kansai. Also there were a lot of out-of-towners gawking at the mechanical crab outside the crab restaurants, but we have those in Kobe too so I didn't stop to photograph it.

  • At 10:20 午前, Blogger Matt said…

    Hey, it was ewww, but it's an image that'll stay with me forever. of course now I have to wonder what all the other Japanese cities are paved with. (Hokkaido: crab. Kobe: beef. etc.)

    I went to Osaka but I was actually staying in Kyoto for a few days and just dropped into Osaka for a few hours. I was like "enough of this tranquility! take me to where it stinks of gasoline!" and they did. It looked awesome, though. And I saw the giant crab you mentioned!



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