金曜日, 3月 18, 2005

Food Review: Soy Milk Yogurt

    Toraku is a Kobe company that makes Kobe Pudding, Raku Raku Whip and other dessert treats. They also have a health food branch called Soyafarm for soy products. I wasn't expecting much when I decided to try their Soy Milk Yogurt (豆乳で作ったヨーグルト) at lunch today, but it was really good...easily the best soy milk yogurt out of the two I've tried. With a hint of lemon juice, the plain variety is a light, sweet confection of soy milk yumminess. In addition to plain, there's also a fruit flavor (the "fruit" is aloe and lychee). Soy milk yogurt has the health benefits of regular yogurt (it contains active yogurt cultures), but without the cholesterol, fat and other possibly harmful things contained in cow's milk. It's also rich in soy protein. One container is only 100 yen/110 grams/76 calories.

    To see the commercial for this product that aired in the Kansai region, click on the box marked 新CMはこちら in red letters at the bottom of the Soyafarm page. It shows a man with an oversized yogurt container affixed to his head being mauled by an overzealous woman shopper. Doubtless you are now wondering, "How did they ever achieve such amazing special effects? How did they find a man with a tub of yogurt on his head?" so you can also click CMメイキング to see the "Making of" the commercial.

Quote from the blurb on the commercial page:


It would have been difficult enough just wearing something on his head, but since the actor also had to sit upright for a long time in a narrow refrigerated area surrounded by merchandise, it seems that the filming was extremely difficult.