水曜日, 2月 09, 2005

Trippiest Commercial?

    My vote goes to the Kewpie Mayonnaise Tarako Pasta Sauce commercial, which is playing non-stop on a television in the pasta section of my neighborhood Daiei.

You can see the commercial here.

An army of pink kewpie dolls with no legs rhythmically jump forward, chanting "Tarako, Tarako" in an odd sing-song voice. Then it cuts to a zombie girl sitting at a table in front of an electric-blue wall with a clock. The effect is weirdly hypnotic. The kewpie army just turned the girl into an undead monster! Should we be frightened? Or is she just pale and sleepy? Why is it impossible to walk away while this commercial is playing?!

I found the online movie of the commercial on a bulliten board titled キューピーマヨネーズのCMがかっこいい (Kewpie Mayonnaise Commercials Are Cool!)

Tarako is codfish roe. I don't think it sounds that yummy as a pasta sauce, but just to let you know I did start eating fish and seafood again after one year without any. I still don't eat meat (chicken, beef, pork, etc), and I try not to drink milk (I use soy milk, even in coffee) but my case against fish has always been comparatively weak. It was mainly fish's reputation as a brain food that made me relent. Not any subliminal messages from TV commercials or anything.