木曜日, 2月 17, 2005

So Busy in March (...Not)

    Graduation is the last day of February, and I have no classes in March. Last year I nearly went crazy with boredom. With two parts anticipation and one part dread, I look forward to the most boring part of the school year. I have my correspondence courses, books to read, websites to surf, etc. etc. Nonetheless, I feel like my sanity suffers a little bit each time I have to go a long stretch making believe those things count as work.
    I spent my 3 class periods today teaching the kids how to use Google and Wikipedia in English. It was fun, but oddly stressful. The students seem less Internet-savvy than I thought. There are a few computer nerds in each class, definitely, as I've noticed on other occasions, but on the whole they were unfamiliar with basic search methods, especially in English. Also, I can't count the times they messed up their searches with spelling and punctuation errors --even though all they had to do was copy from the handout. I was always running around and correcting them. That must be why I feel more tired than I usually do after class. Like typing "load of the rings" instead of "lord of the rings". Unfortunately, "load of the rings" also exists as a kind of joke, and so they got a list of sites for it and didn't have a clue anything was wrong.
    One girl even typed "lordoftherings" without spaces into the search box. Doesn't she know we need spaces between words in English?
    I'm not blaming them - as usual, my expectations were a bit too high.
    I feel so negative and irritable lately. I need to snap out of it. I've been taking the "Step" classes at the gym, which are really good. I need to go to the beginning aerobics class today, then maybe I'll feel better.