木曜日, 2月 24, 2005

Looking at your pudding

    Last night on Trivia no Izumi they convened a panel of experts to determine "the male mannerism most likely to arouse a woman's maternal instinct".
    The answer was: "Innocently holding up a cup of pudding to inspect it from the bottom."
    I have to say it really doesn't do anything for me.


  • At 5:48 午後, Blogger Matt said…

    Huh? How else are we supposed to get the pudding to come out, except by turning it over and pulling the tab?

  • At 10:10 午前, Blogger butterflyblue said…

    Sorry I wasn't clear enough. I changed my post to read "holding up" your pudding. The dramatization showed a balding man holding a lidded, transparent pudding container. A grey-haired woman came in bearing a tray with a mug for him. As she watched, he held the pudding container above his head, tilting his face to look at the carmelized syrup at the bottom of the pudding. The woman's heart melted at the sight of such childishness in a grown man.



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