金曜日, 2月 25, 2005


    I just finished a lavish dinner with my school English department at a French restaurant called ルー・サロメ - La Salome. I don't even like French cooking that much, but even I could recognize that this place is a cut above the ordinary. Everyone was quite impressed with the food and atmosphere.
    Due to the fact that there are fewer kids, nationwide, each year, there will only be 8 homeroom classes at my school next year, down from 9. For me, that means only teaching 8 times a week - and my schedule is bare enough as it is.
    There is some talk, though, of letting me have another class. Dare I hope that it might actually happen this year? It would make so much sense to let me teach a writing elective for the third years. Heaven knows the JTEs don't really like to do it.