金曜日, 2月 04, 2005

E3 Classes


    The topic: "All Convenience Stores Should Close at Midnight."
    My favorite argument, by a student on the "against" side: "Bad people need to have a meeting. Having a meeting is very important to them. So the convenience stores should not close at midnight."

Next class -

Thanks, Matt, for posting on your blog the link to the Retrojunk site. I got permission to use the computer lab for 8 of my 9 classes next week, so we're going to have fun watching those zany commercials. I love them. I made up some listening comprehension questions for them this morning. My favorites are the Cheetos commercial, Encyclopedia Brittanica, First Legend of Zelda, Pepsi Michael J. Fox, and Transformer Insecticons. I think "The Clapper" and "Allmost Home Cookies" are relatively easy too, so I'm including them. Priceless!

This is a map that shows you how much more you need to travel. Here are mine, showing countries visited:

create your own visited countries map

And states:

create your own visited states map

I had to keep re-doing the states, it was really hard - each time I tried doing it, I looked at the map and realized I forgot one. I think this version is accurate!


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