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Bowl of spiky vegetables

Bowl of spiky vegetables
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Spiky vegetable whole
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Spiky vegetable broken
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water chestnuts
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Mystery solved - the spiky vegetable is a water chestnut, which you can buy canned at any grocery store in the United States. Amazing.


  • At 1:18 午前, Blogger Evelyn said…

    So the mystery vegetable finally appears !
    it's called 菱角
    i used to eat it a lot when i was a kid
    then i forgot all about it because you can't get it here, so i even forgot the name and had to call my dad to find out
    i think the dictionary translate it as water chestnut
    it's harder to open compared to chestnut though, i think

    (for some reason i can't leave comment for the other have fun with 4 word link - we used to joke that it must have hurt a lot when his mom tattooed his back, so he remembers the pain, and directed his energy to more useful things instead of like gangster activities. but stories like that reminds me of how washington cut down the cherry tree and was honest about it, did they really do it? or they just teach these stories to kids so they respect them?)

  • At 8:45 午前, Blogger butterflyblue said…

    Thank you! With that word I could find more info on the Internet:

    学 名 :Trapa natans L
    属 性 :ヒシ科 
    産 地 :台南、高雄(左営)他、各地
    季 節 :冬

    --this page has many Taiwanese fruits with descriptions in Japanese.

    Is it really a water chestnut? I ate (canned) water chestnuts a lot as a kid too--they are white and crispy, and I ate them straight from the can or mixed in stir-fry, but I never saw the plant they came from so I had no idea it was the same thing!

  • At 10:10 午前, Blogger Evelyn said…

    it's much easier to know what it is with a picture =)
    from your original description, i was thinking of something like sea urchin but a plant version =b
    i had water chestnut in chinese restaurant dishes here, but i think it's different too, more crispy instead of the real thing

  • At 2:14 午後, Blogger Seneschal said…

    No, they're not water chestnuts. These things are meant to be cooked for a long time and have really hard shells. Water chestnuts have softer shells and are usually sliced for stir-frying.

    Most Chinese supermarkets in California sell 菱角 in their raw form. You take them home and steam them until they become like a baked potato and eat them. Usually you add some spices and salt and sometimes chili to make it a little more flavorful.

  • At 10:38 午後, Blogger butterflyblue said…

    I stand corrected. Thanks for the info. I'll look for them if I go to any Chinese groceries in the US this summer. If they're not water chestnuts, I guess they don't have an English name.

  • At 6:31 午前, Anonymous 匿名 said…

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