月曜日, 12月 20, 2004


    I passed the Chinese test I took in November (3級中国語検定試験).
    Of the two sections, listening and the written exam, I got 95% on the listening, and 73% on the writing, which doesn't surprise me at all since the written section seemed so much harder to me. A further breakdown of the written test is 6/20 on the "identifying the tones" section (wow, I still suck at that, even though that's one of the things I studied the most!) 18/20 on fill-in-the-blank grammar questions, 16/20 on the rearrange-the-words-to-make-a-grammatical-sentence section, 20/20 on the reading comprehension section, and 13/20 on the translate-Japanese-into-Chinese section. Out of 5557 people who took the same test as me, only 1951 people passed.
    I leave for Taiwan tomorrow. Today will be really busy. I teach four classes, and after work I have to change some money, maybe get some travelers checks, GoLloyds some money for my student loan, and then go home and PACK. My friend U. has agreed to go to my apartment every other day to feed my hamster while I'm gone.
    It was a good weekend, but busy. On Saturday, pretty sunshine colored my hair. The teachers have not remarked on it so far but I bet the students will notice. It's not *that* different from before, but more bright gold. On Sunday, we had a board game meeting/Christmas party in Higashi-Kakogawa. I was there until late. Pretty-sunshine and I also bought some omiyage for her friend's family in Taiwan--a box of 10 containers of Kobe pudding, and a Hokusai ukiyoe calendar.



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