月曜日, 10月 04, 2004


    My friend invited me skiing in Nagano in early January. That takes care of my winter plans in January, but late December is still unaccounted for. Suggestions? I'm so scared of being stuck on my birthday (Dec 23) and Christmas with nothing special to do.  It's a "bad" birthday number too... I don't even want to say it :(
    I am working on translating the trivia of Trivia no Izumi from their webpage and so I can post it on my blog in English, but it's really time-consuming (over 400 things). I might start posting it bit by bit as I get it translated.
    I went to Costco on Saturday. Yes, they had Halloween candy (or candy that could pass as such) that I bought for my students. They also had Halloween pumpkins, which tempted me, but I didn't buy one because I thought it would probably rot before the 31st.
    Today really feels like a Monday. The weather turned cold suddenly over the weekend. This post seems to have a gloomy storm cloud hanging over it. Can you feel it? Oh well. I have to go teach now.


  • At 11:14 午後, Anonymous 匿名 said…

    Did you find those caramels you were talking about there?


  • At 11:14 午後, Anonymous 匿名 said…


  • At 3:08 午後, Blogger butterflyblue said…

    No...I just bought some small M&Ms packages and mini chocolate bars for trick or treat candy for my class. I never see American caramels or candy corn here. So sad. :(



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