水曜日, 10月 27, 2004

Trivia no Izumi goes to North America

    Fuji Television has announced that they will create a North American version of Trivia no Izumi to air next spring in the U.S. and Canada. Instead of releasing the same show with English subtitles, as they have done in the past with other programs, Fuji decided to remake the show for an American audience, including the utilization of American actors and the collection of trivia that is more appropriate for an English-speaking audience.
    The dynamics of the show will remain the same. The symbol of the show, the "heh" button, will stay the same, but in English it will be called "HEY".

source: 日本経済新聞


  • At 11:08 午後, Blogger homodachi said…

    I saw one talk show that speculated that the button would be labelled "WOW". Of course, it was one of those shows that blows up the cover page of a tabloid and analyzes each headline. ;)

    I wonder if Fuji TV will produce it, or licence it out. Will the US host wear sunglasses, similar to how the "Millionaire" host looks like an over-over-tanned Regis Philbin? ;D



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