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Trivia no Izumi Complete Trivia List! Part I

    Part one of my project to translate the complete List of Trivia from the popular TV program Trivia no Izumi. To read the complete list of trivia in Japanese, see this website. It's on Wednesday at 9:00. The idea of the show is that the viewing audience submits their surprising bits of trivial information, and the guests on the show give it up to 20 "heh" points each depending on how amazed they are. There is a golden brain awarded at the end of every show for the trivia with the most "heh" points. They get an expert in the field to confirm each thing, which is usually rather amusing, and they always show a demonstration of whatever is being discussed (i.e., an octopus opening a bottle).
    Each show also has a "trivia seed," which is a question sent in by a viewer, usually something really stupid along the lines of "which would win in a fight, a Japanese sword or a machine gun?" Honestly, this was the "trivia seed" for a recent program (not posted on the website yet). Every now and then, there is an interesting one, like the time a viewer asked them to find the most common things mothers say when scolding their children. They interviewed people all over Japan to find the top ten. I found that segment to be rather culturally informative.
    If my translations are inaccurate, your corrections are welcome. Enjoy.

No.519 One of the verdicts a badminton referee can choose is "I didn't see it clearly."
No.518 To promote morale, there is a CPR dummy that says "Thank you."
No.517 The 4th of April, the 6th of June, the 8th of August, the 10th of October, and the 12th of December are on the same day of the week every year.
No.516 There is a baseball league where amateurs can play retired Major Leaguers.
No.515 The ants that are working above ground are all grannies.
No.514 There is an automatic machine for mixing ink on your inkstone for calligraphy.
No.513 A rhinoceros horn is made of fur.
No.512 Milk from the mother is called mother's milk, but milk from the baby is called "witch's milk."
Trivia Seed No.052 When a pro golfer uses an umbrella to golf a par 4 course, the best results are achieved with a gentleman's #13 umbrella.
No.511 There is a contest to determine who has the smelliest shoes in America.
No.510 There is a plant called "meat" (o-niku).
No.509 To help improve the relationship between his wife and his mother, Mori Ogai made them play a board game together. (Note: "Sugoroku" is a simple race-style board game resembling "Chutes and Ladders" or "Candy Land".)
No.508 There is a newspaper about kamaboko (a Japanese food made out of fish paste).
No.507 There is a Kansai Dialect version of a CD by the Carpenters.
No.506 Lupin the Third and Zenigata Keibu went to the same university.
No.505 What a rhinoceros beetle eats in its pupa stage determines whether it will become a king in the future.
Trivia Seed No.051 In a fight between a Japanese sword and a water cutter, a Japanese sword wins.
No.504 The word next to "nodochinko" in the dictionary is "nodochinpo". (I'm not sure why this is funny.)
No.503 The Japanese word for "cockroach," gokiburi, was originally gokiKAburi. It became "gokiburi" due to a typographical error.
No.502 Mizuno Seiro was the Okayama Prefecture representative in a contest for counting bills quickly.
No.501 An octopus can open a bottle.
No.500 There was a pro baseball pitcher who used to throw the ball over his shoulder.
No.499 A bug exists whose farts are 100°C.
No.498 Noguchi Hideyo read his own biography and said "It's all made up."
No.497  The name of the liquid that collects at the top of yogurt is "whey". (This is one of those things English-language related that are not at all surprising to an English speaker. Of course it's called whey.)
Trivia Seed No.050  A lion's favorite roast meat from a yakiniku restaurant is harami.
No.496  An adult man's urine stream turns 180°after flowing a length of 2 cm.
No.495 A stink bug can lose consciousness from its own stink.
No.494 There is a Chinese 4-character expression "kitto baka" (sounds like the word for "certainly stupid."
No.493  In medieval Europe, when a woman declared her love to a man, she gave him an apple scented with her underarm odor.
No.492 The concept of "warp," previously considered possible in space science, was declared impossible in 1997.
No.491 A frog exists that can survive a fall of more than ten meters.
No.490  There is a haircut model doll that is bald.
No.489 The word for the condition of appearing to be frightened and unable to calm down is "rori rori."
Trivia Seed No.049 The "Bottomless Swamp" in Hokkaido known as "Dragon God Swamp" has a depth of only 2m37cm. 
No.488 Akai Hidekazu and Takada Nobehiko once had a fistfight in a karaoke box over who would get do the next song.
No.487 The Vietnamese word for "dove" is "chinpoko" (a dirty word in Japanese. Another kind of trivia that is not so funny from the point of view of an English speaker. After all, some Japanese words look like dirty words in English, and we got over that a long time ago. It's nearly inevitable that such things will happen between languages. I guess we English teachers are lucky there are no English-to-Japanese examples of this, or we'd never hear the end of the giggles.)
No.486 Rika-chan's shoes (she is a doll similar to Barbie) taste bad. (It was explained that they are deliberately flavored that way to discourage small children from eating them.)
No.485 When crawfish mate, the male turns the female face up and clasps hands with her.
No.484 In the "Ninja village" in Mie Prefecture, Ueno City, there is a train with a ninja's face.
No.483 Ultraman once sang a rap song.
No.482 In the Edo period, the shogun had an attendant whose only job was to carry around a receptacle for his urine.
No.481 The name "Bach," translated into Japanese, is "Ogawa" (creek). I think the reason this is funny is because Ogawa is also a Japanese name.
Trivia Seed No.048 When a snail races with a slug, the winner is... the slug.
(I watched this one. It was really stupid. They showed the tape in fast motion because the actual race took all day.)
No.480 Ishikawa Takuboku (a poet and intellectual, lived 1886~1912) once wrote a love letter to a man thinking he was a woman.
(Ha! I wish I'd seen that one. I have a book of his poems.)
No.479 The lead of a mechanical pencil glows when you heat it in the microwave.
No.478  The crustacean called a daphnia, or water flea, has an extremely sharp head which it uses for self-defence.
No.477 The daphnia's head becomes sharp when it senses danger.
No.476 "Yakubusoku" 「役不足」(a kanji compound that looks like it means insufficiently useful) is a compliment.
No.475  When you play Hitoto Yo's "Weeping in Sympathy" in slow-motion, it sounds like Hirai Ken singing.
No.474 A narwhal's horn is its tooth. (Note: A narwhal, also called a "sea unicorn," is an arctic whale. The Japanese word is 一角, pronounced イッカク, meaning one-horn.)
No.473 The sign for the restrooms in the Sapporo subway is wearing a scarf.
Trivia Seed No.047 When you go fishing for crawfish on the Amazon River, using cuttlefish as bait, you catch crabs.
No.472 There is a manga set on a post-nuclear war earth where people fight by playing Nintendo.
(Only in Japan...)
No.471 There is a choral song called "Samuburi no Uta" (Song of the Cold Yellowtail).
No.470 There is such a thing as a snail with fur.
No.469 The Columbian military hatched a plan to drop pornography from the air in order to sap their enemy's will to fight.

That's all for Part 1 - will post Part II soon.


  • At 12:44 午後, Blogger Evelyn said…

    Hi! I love this show - I can see it on international channel in NJ, probably a few month delay from when they aired in Japan. I liked No 194, 251, 257, 298. I didn't get to watch many episodes, but of ones I watched, I really enjoyed =) I didn't know they a website, thanks for putting this on your blog. ^_^

  • At 8:36 午後, Blogger Matt said…

    Most of the English-to-Japanese snickerwords seem to be place names. For instance, did you know there's a place in Australia called Eromanga? I didn't. (Nor would I have cared, but anyway.)

    The Boyne river in Ireland is also pretty hilarious if you write it in katakana... and are 12 years old. ;)



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