金曜日, 10月 29, 2004


    My news this week is that I've made my plans for Christmas travel. I'm going to Taiwan with Misa for a week (provided my school approves the nenkyuu, as they should). She found a good deal - round trip to Taiwan for under $300 - it was just over 30,000 yen including the airport tax at both airports. Isn't that good? This will be my cheapest overseas vacation so far. I have a Lonely Planet Taiwan, a couple years old, from a used bookstore, and Misa has a guidebook from this year in Japanese. We're in the process of deciding what to do in Taiwan. I plan to be there through the emotionally tricky season of Christmas and my birthday, and come back before New Years.
    I've been interested in visiting Taiwan since high school - when I met my first friend from there. I've heard their popular culture has been heavily influenced by Japan. Should be interesting. It will be a little warmer than Japan in the winter, but still cool. I'm really looking forward to it.
    It gets crazy expensive to fly out of Japan after the 22nd of December, so we have to leave on the 21st. Since my last E3 class is on the morning of the 21st, that means leaving in the afternoon (taking half a day off) to go to the airport.