金曜日, 10月 01, 2004

Swing Girls

    Tonight I went to see Swing Girls, the new Yaguchi Shinobu comedy about a high school jazz band. The director followed up on his success with the hit Water Boys, about a high school boys' synchronized swim team, with this similarly structured teen movie. I loved Water Boys because it was so funny and captured the essence of something I can't describe about Japanese high schools. Swing Girls did the same thing, with many funny moments and a great performance at the end. Although in a way it's just the same old story of an unlikely club pulling together and succeeding despite the odds, there's something a little edgy about both films. The acting and directing are terrific. The boy in Swing Girls, played by Yuta Hiraoka, was particularly adorable.
    The movie of Wataya Risa's Install is coming out this New Years' Day. Here's the website. I saw a preview for it at the theater! I am definitely psyched to see that, although the preview looked a little over-intellectual and not as stylish as I would like it to be after reading the book. I love the gerbera design on the website, though. It's my favorite flower.


  • At 12:38 午前, Blogger Phu'xion said…

    Hi! i'm just a random blog surfer here from singapore :) i just watched swing girls and i totally loved it! the music and humour was so good... hope to make friends :) my blog's at http://tcube.diaryland.com hope to hear from you! sayonara

  • At 2:25 午後, Blogger butterflyblue said…

    Hi Phu'xion, welcome to my blog! If you liked Swing Girls, I think you'd like Water Boys too. Have you seen it yet? Can you recommend me anything about Singapore? (books, movies, anything?) I've never been there but I'm interested. Thanks for your comment, see you around!



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