水曜日, 10月 13, 2004

I am sad

    I just heard that someone I cared about committed suicide.
Colin's obituary
    Although I have not seen him for years, I've thought of him often. In 2003, his close friend Rachel Corrie died. She was run over by a bulldozer in the Gaza strip while defending Palestinian homes. There are so many sites on the web about Rachel Corrie, I didn't know which link to include, but click on the above one and it will take you to a nice Wikipedia page that tells the whole tragic story. Here is a memorial speech given by Colin in honor of Rachel Corrie in 2003. From this speech you can see that he was a beautiful, spiritual person who loved her deeply. I'm so sorry he's gone.


  • At 2:48 午前, Blogger misa said…

    I want to post commment about Chinese speech contest,but I couldn`t do that there.So I came here.
    I knew this contest was organizing last Sunday,becouse I herad some of my classmates entered into this contest.I heard their speeches in advance,becouse last week they were given the chance to practice thier speech before other classmates in the last 10 mins of the Chinese classes.They are studying Chinese very hard unlike me,so their Chinese are very fluent and sound beautiful.I was charmed with their beautiful speeches.
    As for two high school students who the judge asked about their speech after they made a speech but couldn`t understand it,I think that it is pathetic,as well.According to Butterflyblue,kids are expected to speak well before they learn how to listen.But I wonder if kids have really the ability to speak chinese.This is becouse many kids are trained to listen,not speak,only to pass the exams or something like that(like they are trained to speak to enter into a contest?).I think that most students are better at listening forgein languages just becouse most students force on improving their listening ability to pass the exams.Of course more and more students wanna improve their speaking ability,but they do never undervalue the ability to listen.But when it comes to speaking,they are less capable in foreign languages even now.
    Japanese education of foregin languages is sometimes criticized becouse it is said most students can`t communicate in forgien languages,so it is changing.Nowadays seems like speaking is put a more emphasis on than grammer,writing,reading etc.I amnot sure if this will work.But I don`t think it will work,becouse you need not only the ability to speak but also other abilities to master forgien languages or to communicate in them.You need something like balance.On the top of that,I have many friends who were high school student in the 1970`s and can speak English fluently and read English books quickly.(In the 70`s,students spent more time studying grammer,writing than studying speaking)They have never been to forgein countries,they just studied at their school and home by themselves.
    what do you think?
    I finish reading ``インストール`` and``蹴りたい背中``.Those were easier to read than I had expected,so I could finish reading in a day.I remined when I was a high school student.



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