月曜日, 8月 23, 2004

Return To Japan

    I returned to Japan yesterday. Outside is a torrential downpour, just like the rainy weather I experienced in China. I filled both of my memory cards with over 200 pictures on my trip.
    On my second day in Hong Kong I went to a great museum - The Hong Kong Museum of History. I was totally fascinated.
    The best bargains I got in China were a 12-disc DVD set of all Miyazaki movies for about US $20 and a new pair of glasses in Beijing for about the same price. Beijing is a great place to buy glasses. I took my broken ones in to be fixed there, but they just made me new ones. They had them ready the next day. I wore them on the overnight train rides when I didn't want to deal with my contacts, and they're fully as good as the expensive ones that broke. As for the Miyazaki movies, I was careful to buy Japanese DVDs that would work on my PlayStation 2, and when I checked one last night it did work.
    Three weeks is a long time to be removed from ordinary life. I feel rather surreal resuming my old life as if nothing had happened. I saw China, I saw how big and desperate and poor it is, rich in culture but grimy and chaotic in contrast to Japan's pristine streets and impeccable manners. I don't want to be unchanged by the experience, but on a day-to-day level my routine is identical to the way it was before. I feel like I need to make some meaningful change to convince myself that what I learned matters.