金曜日, 8月 20, 2004

Hong Kong

    Arrived in Hong Kong this morning. What a beautiful place--calm, modern, friendly, prosperous. I love the place names in Hong Kong; Kowloon, Nathan Road. I love looking at the bilingual street signs and trying to sound out how sets of two or three Chinese characters make the sounds of "Austin," "Kimberly," or "Parks." They DO make those sounds, magically. It's true what I've heard, that everyone speaks fluent English here. And as my Canadian friend Melanie found out, everyone says they're from Canada. Unless you hate crowds, you should definitely visit this great city.
    China was SO censoring my blog, along with other Internet sites I was trying to access there. It's so stupid to censor the Internet. I couldn't see my own blog while I was in mainland China, but I can see it just fine in Hong Kong. Why were they hiding my own thoughts from me?
    I found a large Japanese bookstore here. One of the English teachers at my school goes to Hong Kong every year. I can understand why.
    I wish I had longer than 2 days in Hong Kong - and that I was here with someone special - and that I had lots of money here. I'll be back with all three of these wishes, someday.