火曜日, 7月 06, 2004

Silly Names

      Here is a name generator that will find a Japanese name for you based on your name.
     It's fun, but I noticed if you input the names of other members of your family you may get the same result. The name it gave me was 浜野 Hamano 千秋 Chiaki.

      Interestingly, the Japanese name generator mentioned above was listed as the MOST POPULAR name generator of all the hundreds (over 12 pages) of name generators listed on the (American) site, indicating that more Americans than ever are yearning to assume new Japanese identities. It beat out other important entries such as "The Fluffy Kitten Name Generator" and "What's Your Fairy Name?" This is impressive, I know.

      Below is a link copied from the site...

My imaginary friend is Chedster Horgenstoff.
Take The Imaginary Friend Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

     If you're bored, be sure to check out the other time-wasting activities on their site. The "Semi-Automatic LiveJournal Updater" is really funny.

      More Japan-related name generators available are:

The Kawaii Japanese Name Generator
     This one is not so great because the given name it gave me, Hideaki, is actually a man's name, even though I told it I was female. And it's not kawaii.

The Retarded Anime Fan Name Generator
     I am "Kawaii Kawaii Demon Penguin-Chan" - love it.

      Now I really have wasted too much time on this silly site. Better go off and talk to...uh...Chedster Horgenstoff. But wait! I need to know...what is his Japanese name???
      With bated breath, I enter it into the Japanese name generator and find out that the Japanese name of my imaginary friend is 遠藤 Endoh (distant wisteria) 駿 Shun (fast person).